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Empower people engagement:

Turnkey solutions for employee and partners motivation, learning, surveys, benefits and recognition programs

Keep people connected, supported and
inspired by an all-in-one system



Albi Coins is a solution for companies with
a staff over 100 employees,
a complex structure and a multigenerational and multilingual workforce


Are you tired of manual setups and traditional marketing campaigns that offer little room for customization?

ALBICRM Marketing Automation platform is here to revolutionize your partnership program! With our platform, you can instantly launch trade marketing campaigns across your partners’ network. Whether you want to introduce new products or set sales targets for your partners, we've got you covered!

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our mission

Amplify your team’s

We combine financial and
non-financial incentives to strengthen people engagement. We inspire innovation and cerativity and support talents in their day-to-day work.

Want to enhance teamwork,
exchange ideas, and get some
useful information?

ALBI solutions are designed to:

  • strengthen employees’ horizontal connections
  • share innovative ideas
  • improve team performance
  • conduct surveys, manage benefits
  • get online reports and statistics

You’ll be able to conduct important surveys,
get up-to-date reports and statistics, and
develop your innovation skills.

Ready to start?

  • schedule a demo and describe your needs
  • get our offer and discuss it
  • we will design tailor-made incentive mechanics – most effective for you
  • the platform would be customized in line with your guidelines
  • you will get the ready customized solution within 40-60 days
  • you will get a step-by-step guide
  • our support team will stay in touch with you

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