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Roche reference

This letter is written to confirm that Roche Pharma Russia had a successful collaboration with
Albi Marketing Agency on delivering the North Star Award – corporate award took place in 2021
and 2022. Albi Marketing Agency collaborated with Roche in the creation of the online platform
for nominees’ application collections and voting process as well as delivering technical support:
answering questions, mailing. Roche Pharma Russia was fully satisfied with the performed
services of Albi Marketing Agency. All tasks were delivered in a professional and timely manner.

We would like to personally thank a project manager for her client centric approach as well as
creative thinking in realization of our ambitions ideas.

Albi Marketing Agency is a great example of agile ways of working and digital expertise. We can
recommend the agency as a service provider for the development and support of motivational
programs for employees.

Implementation & Solutions Management Partner, EMEA

Olga Radchenko
Implementation & Solutions Management Partner, EMEA

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
People & Organizational Growth