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Samsung reference

I would like to recommend Albi Marketing and its Founder/Director Natalia lllarionova as a reliable business partner. We have had professional relationship with Natalia since 2008. At that time, I held B2B copier Product marketing manager position at Canon regional HQ, Canon North-East Oy located in Helsinki, Finland. We continued our co-operation after my relocation to Moscow in 2009 where I took B2B 2nd tier Partner channel manager position at- Canon Ru LLC (Moscow, Russia). Albi Marketing team, led by Natalia, provided Canon North-East Oy and it’s subsidiary Canon Russia LLC with development and support services for B2B partner channel development.
Canon Club partner portal was designed and continuously developed during period from 2008 to 2015. While developing Canon Club project, Albi team has proved to be a creative, loyal and reliable partner. Web portal was developed that helped Canon to manage motivational programs for 2nd tier partners in Russia (especially in regions), get sales-out statistics and plan partner channel development and activities.
Key value of Albi Marketing was that it was always pro-active in terms of Canon’s business development through Canon Club activities. Albi has always been fast in execution and flexible when needed towards Canon as its customer. During important discussions and development negotiations Natalia took part personally and showed herself as highly professional in the area of marketing and partner sales development and motivation.
During our cooperation in Canon, Albi Marketing planned and executed eight incentive events for Canon 1st and 2nd tier partners which took place in Finland, Cyprus, Spain and Russia, which were organized at a high level with all business targets achieved during those events.
During 2018 – 2020, Albi Marketing provided services for the development and support of the ToughSaleClub motivation program for Panasonic’s 2nd tier partners’ sales managers who were selling Panasonic Toughbook products. At the time I held Toughbook Sales Director position at Panasonic Russia LLC (covering CIS market).
Thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to create a platform that allows us to support partner sales and implement marketing campaigns (product lunches, sales, conferences, trainings) which in terms had a definite positive effect on Panasonic Tough book sales in CIS region.
At the moment we are also considering project with Albi Marketing aiming to increase sales of 2nd tier partner network of Samsung Electronics Russia Company in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbajdzhan offering corporate mobility solutions to B2B end customers.
I would like to highly recommend the Albi Marketing team as a reliable marketing services provider, event organizer and sa les force motivation program developer as well as Natalia lllarionova personally as a high level professional and business leader.

MX B2B Director B2B
B2B Digital Mobile
Oleg Gaidaenko