Albi Compensation & Benefits

A ready-made software for performance management to handle flexible benefits scheme and oversee employee engagement benefits. A modern solution for contemporary human capital management (HCM).

  • NEW! Express gratitude and show appreciation to your colleagues
  • Easily operate flexible benefits programme
  • Reward employees for positive engagement and KPI improvements
  • Encourage teamwork


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ALBI Performance management software

Get access to a universal performance management software to communicate recognition and help you manage loyalty programmes though compensation and benefits distribution. Let your staff choose their preferred performance reward and coordinate this choice virtually though Admin panel.



Recognition system, now added as a software extension, allows employees to express gratitude, and show appreciation to their colleagues. With recognition being the number one most important factor in motivation, such platforms are in high demand when it comes to choosing an effective performance management software. With it, you will be able to encourage teamwork and increase employee engagement.


Personal accomplishment demonstration

Our performance management software also allows for personal accomplishment demonstration. Now your employees can share with others their professional success stories, such as the completion of a project or a demonstration of their professional growth.

albi crm personal account

An easy to manage software interface will allow you to operate the system independently. Although, our technical team will always be there to help.

We adjust our projects to scale, ensuring that the software has an integrable component to match your internal accounting system.
You will be able to manage employee and departmental workflow, keeping track of your personnel accomplishments.





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