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Create corporate currency and
motivate your team. Reward employees
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our mission

Improve employee

Making people feel heard and recognized, connected with each other, we inspire them to achieve better results.

One integrated system for employee incentives

AlbiCoins – turnkey solution for
Corporate currency implementation


A combination of non-financial
and financial incentives allows
to enhance intrinsic and
extrinsic employee motivation

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The platform includes online instruments for recognition, which means person-to-person gratitude and bonus points sharing

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team perfomance

We automated project team contests which allow demonstrate innovations and achievements of project teams at one interface, evaluate them and hold voting

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The platform allows to organize corporate education and reward employee for successful completion of training

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flexible benefits

The benefits cafeteria – the flexible and most appreciated by personnel mean to choose their preferred performance reward

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+ original incentive mechanic

All-in-one HR workspace

The internal corporate currency which any employee may earn for different activities and achievements, such are:

  • Successful completion of corporate training;
  • Personal career or professional achievements: reaching KPIs, sale performance;
  • Be awarded by colleagues for demonstrating supportive, mentoring, creative behavior to colleagues;
  • Following corporate values – demonstrate supportive behavior, share innovative ideas; Participating company surveys;
  • Managing successful or innovative team projects (being valued by colleagues);

We can measure and award employee soft skills as well as hard skills using one complex platform.

Furthermore, we improve horizontal tiers between employee, engaging them into peer-to-peer recognition (any employee is able to award any other one using platform).

At the same time, line manager/training manager or HR can award an employee for work-experience, sales performance etc. or this procedure can be automated by integration with current HR CRM. Every award can pass moderation made in one, two or any levels by company management.

Growing your team stronger by bringing people together

At our Team Work support platform, we believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. That’s why we encourage collaboration across different departments and branches, so that employees can work together to create innovative projects that move the company forward.

Not only do we make it easy for teams to showcase their projects on our platform, but we also make sure that their hard work is recognized company-wide. All employees, or employee groups, can value, rate and even award those projects that shine a light on success and innovation.

Flexible benefits cafeteria allow to cover differing wants and needs of a multi-generational and multinational workforce;

At Albimarketing, we understand that As businesses become more global, the need for multinational workforce benefits grows. Our solution enables companies to provide benefits packages that are adaptable and cater to individuals’ distinct needs, no matter what their generation or cultural background. By offering employee benefits that suit each worker’s unique needs, you’ll build a loyal and motivated team that feels valued and cared for.

Join the AlbiCoins platform and create a modern, diverse, and inclusive workplace that your team will love.

how it works



Start by selecting
a module from the AlbiCoins solution


Customize and update the module as needed


Add additional modules and analytic tools to continue developing the project


Integrate AlbiCoins with your current CRM or platform using its API


Use AlbiCoins as
a single sign-on entry for all HR digital instruments

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