A ready-made web solution to regulate POSM management and logistics. A straightforward website design, similar to an e-commerce platform, will allow your business partners, account managers, regional representatives and retail outlets to assemble POSM orders autonomously.

In “Personal account” your clients can track their orders in real time and monitor the delivery of promotional materials. In addition, they will be able to keep an accounting record of their expenses.



In collaboration with our partners we ensure the safekeeping and prompt delivery of POSM and gifts across Russia and overseas.

“Albi Marketing” has vast experience in design development and creating relevant advertisement campaigns that generate additional interest and boost product sales.

We can help you ensure a timely gift delivery for your clients and associates and are always ready to offer customised gift solutions and loyalty programmes, if necessary.

We offer our full complex of services that includes development, procurement, shipment, and delivery of gifts to clients and associates as part of an advertisement campaign or a B2b loyalty programme. We account for orders, expenditure, storage and delivery of POSM, gifts and other advertisement materials to different regions and sales points across Russia.





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