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Empower people engagement:

Create corporate currency and
motivate your team. Reward employees
and manage benefits with AlbiCoins

Inspire employees Reskill and Upskill with AlbiCoins Study Boost solution.

Incorporate gamification elements into your educational program with AlbiCoin: recognize and foster educational achievement and make upskilling and reskilling programs more engaging. AlbiCoin s Study Boost tool facilitates employees peer-to-peer ties and creates an engaged passionate learning community, where everyone is recognized and valued.

Easy Start of gaming your educational process

Five steps to set up or empower your educational program:

  1. Learn how your upskilling or reskilling program align with employee Career Goals Conduct with a short employee survey;
  2. Individualize the educational process giving each one employee her/his own role and make learning more appreciable and accessible;
  3. Use AlbiCoin for gaming educational process and reward each small activity and achievement in training;
  4. Show what benefits an employee can receive for each effort. Promote your educational program focusing on how it addresses the individual needs and plans of employees.
  5. Get online reports, analyze and make necessary updates with a flexible AlbiCoin solution. Albi team consultancy and it-support is always at your disposal;
  6. Add peer-to-peer Recognition feature to your Study Boot program.

Check how your upskilling or reskilling program align with employee Career Goals.

Start with an employee survey with AlbiCoins platform or any of your recent tool. Find people what nonfinancial benefits they actually expect out of their employment:

We can expect that they are mostly looking for:

  • fast professional or career growth,
  • recognition,
  • confidence at workplace,
  • creativity in the workplace,
  • networking and socialization,
  • life work balance.

Connect reskilling and upskilling opportunities with employees' individual career goals and aspirations. Offer a variety of learning opportunities, including workshops, seminars, online courses, and mentorship programs.

Individualize the educational process.

Give each employee its own social role: identify people who are willing to share valuable insights, give support and advice and those employees, who need guidance and support. Start the training process by defining goals and employee levels, you will make it more appreciable and engaging.

That research and classification can be easily settled with AlbiCoin solution.

Why a AlbiCoin is a relevant gamification tool to empower the learning process and motivate employees to upskill and reskill?

AlbiCoin is a complex Employee-tech Solution-as-a-Service. Albi offers an innovative approach to employee motivation and engagement, an integrated system of recognizing employees and rewarding them with branded coins for any notable effort and achievements.

AlbiCoin solution contain several modules which integrates a flexible benefit system that enables employees to select a reward for earned coins. Each module can function independently as a unified solution. The solution is very flexible and fully customizable.

Albi team provides an original mechanic for each customer project and adopt it-solution to relevant customer needs.

Study Boost is a module that facilitates the involvement of people in the learning process and makes it more enjoyable for them. The Study Boost module can be implemented together with the flexible benefits module, so that the employee can choose a reward for his/her learning achievements. Let people use the tuition coins within a flexible benefits system, give them a choice – individualize an award. This can be corporate merchandise or well-being opportunities. AlbiCoin platform includes ready-made flexible benefits system, which can be used as gift store for top learners.

AlbiCoin Study Boost features. Show employee the benefits that are within reach now, not in future.

Albi team develops an original gamification mechanic in accordance with a customer goals and employee upskill or reskill plan. Just after that step, AlbiCoin platform will be adjusted to tasks at hand.

Study Boost basic functions:

Employee interface

  1. employee survey tool;
  2. study course content (video, presentation or text) and registration button;
  3. online tests;
  4. functionality of awarding points for each of the conditions according to the program terms;
  5. employer personal page, with full info about gained points and study achievements;
  6. rules page;

Manager control panel

  1. online reporting: employees, study activities, gained points;
  2. manageable notification system.

Basic design conditions

  • Customization within 5 weeks, after technical plan agreed;


  • Integration with your current educational platforms or other CRM with API;
  • AlbiCoin can work as a Single Sign-on (SSO) entry point for all education platform, surveys, flexible benefits system.

AlbiCoin features scheme.

What results you get with AlbiCoin Study Boost?

  • Individual upskill & reskill results are visible and measurable online at AlbiCoin control panel;
  • You are able to give an immediate feedback on employees' progress and performance in acquiring new skills;
  • You are free to moderate your educational approach any time with a technical and consultancy support of Albi Team;
  • Your team is engaged in the educational program through gamification and individual rewards;
  • The most active learners and recognized;
  • You can regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the reskilling and upskilling initiatives, making adjustments based on feedback and outcomes.
  • You gain an innovative and user-friendly tool for managing all educational programs or/and single-entry to all incentive programs;

What else can be done to improve employee upskill and reskill? Create a Learning Culture. Make Upskill and Reskill process the company value and Encourage Collaboration.

Set up Peer-to-peer Recognition as a plus to your Study Boost AlbiCions tool.

Add to AlbiCoins Study Boost tool the Recognition module. Foster a culture that values continuous learning and development. Encourage a mindset that sees challenges as opportunities for growth. Lead by example, with leaders and managers actively participating in learning initiatives.

There are two basic options to deploy Recognition Program:

  1. Let employees share coins between each other
  2. Reward with coins those who were recognized by colleagues as best mentor, classmate, idea-maker.

Promote a collaborative learning environment where employees can share knowledge and insights with each other.

Encourage team members to collaborate on projects that require the application of newly acquired skills with AlbiCoins Team Project Contest module. Demonstrate best results in learning at AlbiCoins. Offer people to share their best experience producing storytelling videos.

Motivating employees to reskill and upskill is crucial for both individual career development and the overall success of the organization. AlbiCoins offer a specific tool to encourage and support employees in their reskilling and upskilling efforts.

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