Hikivision Partner Club

Hikivision Partners' Motivational Program

Customer: Hikivision
all of Russia
web site: hikpartner.ru

Program participants are Hikivision partners engaged in sales of Hikivision, HiWatch cameras.
The web site is developed on the basis of a ready-made AlbiCRM software solution.


Project content and website functionality:

For participants:

  • Registering a sale
  • Competitive mechanics of promotions;
  • Showcase of prizes: the main prize for the winners, additional incentives for the best participants;
  • Notifications to participants about the activation of points (e-mail);
  • On-line rating of participants

Administrative interface:

  • The functionality of the automatic verification of sale serial number;
  • On-line reporting: users – sales – products;
  • Interface for viewing, checking and confirming sales;
  • Moderation of Yandex business Directories (adding users);
  • A set of filters for viewing data;
  • Uploading data to Excel format;
  • Automatic sending of e-mail and sms notifications;
  • Special conditions of the promotion (sales thresholds, plans,groups, availability by city, etc.);
  • Multi-stage sales confirmation system