Albi CRM

With ALBICRM Marketing Automation platform you will be able create BTL Marketing campaigns from launching new products to being able to set sales goals for your partners in an instant.

Our loyalty programme software allows to establish an easy-to-use educational panel, where you can upload any relevant learning materials.

“Partnership portal” will enable you to register your partners in upcoming events, webinars, and surveys.






Personal accounts of your affiliates will show you relevant statistics of their sales, the status of their goal completion and ranking positions.

Business partners can be split into groups, hold various kinds of ranking, have diverse sale plans, and be rewarded through channel and retail loyalty programs accordingly.

Bonus points for colleagues and sale reps can be automatically awarded for successful course completion, organisation of a POSM display and other achievements.


albi crm personal account




albi crm admin panel


Admin access allows you to look through and moderate user information and the status of their sales.

We envisaged a two-tier moderation system where each sale goes through two different verification stages.

ALBICRM software platform can be easily integrated with your customer’s internal accounting system.







Support and expansion of the parterre database

Bank of solutions and Telemarketing

As part of additional support for our b2b loyalty programme we offer professional telemarketing services, provide invitations to a career-specific exhibition with networking opportunities and create personalised emailing.

Due to newly updated GDPR regulations on data protection and privacy settings in European Union and the EEA, we can assist in helping you by simplifying technical communication with your new clients.

You can count on our previous experiences in promoting partner sales in various markets: digital technology, domestic appliances, building materials, insurance and pharmaceuticals.




Albi Channel Marketing

Today, markets are transforming from the environment of competition to cooperation.

A rapid increase in horizonal relationships, such as P2p (Person-to-person) and B2b, demand innovative leadership solutions in Channel Marketing field.

The ability to locate and grow loyal customer base by initiation of consumer interest into products or services provided by a business and establishing a trustworthy relationship is a must-have in today’s B2b marketing process. Lead Generation concept is used to combine all these aspects together.

Our aim is to help you attract and engage in new business partnerships with similar interests for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline, though client systematisation and segmentation.

Certain processes of managing B2b Channel Marketing sales can easily be automated:

  • Verifying and cataloguing partner sales
  • motivation
  • Orders and documentation of POSM
  • Keeping track of “sell-in” and “sell-out”
  • Integrating internal record system with API

There are still however certain aspects of working with clients that cannot be automated and must be done in person. This includes:

  • Telemarketing services for engaging participants to take part in loyalty programmes
  • Invitation to events
  • New business partner engagement- active B2b sales
  • Organisation of motivational trips.




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